Welcome to Your Hope is Remaining

‘Your Hope is Remaining’ is a Non-Government Organization, which aims at achieving gender equality and voice against any form of discrimination against woman based on social order with justice and liberty as its twin principles. It was established and legally registered in 2010. It works for development, capacity building enlightenment and total empowerment in Chennai and Trichy districts for their effective participation in total development.

‘Your Hope is Remaining’ is being run by the familiar Tamil Poet, Mrs.Salma (Rokkhiah). Salma is a well-known name to readers of contemporary Tamil literature. With two volumes of poetry “Oru Maalaiyum Innoru Maalaiyum” (One evening and another evening) and “Pacchai Devadai” (Green Angel) and a novel “Irandaam Jaamangalin Kadhal” and a short story collection “Saabam” (Curse) all of which have been translated to several languages, Salma has made her mark as a distinctive literary voice.

The organization with the support of Amnesty International, decided to screen the documentary film among the students of well-known and familiar institution/colleges in India. The shows were screened in 20 institutions/colleges in India. Through these initiatives more than 3000 persons were benefited and obtained the right knowledge and awareness on women issues. As a result, many felt the glut of women violation, powerless education system and stereotype behavior in practice even at technological ages.

Besides being a woman of letters, Salma has also been a committed public servant. She was the elected President of the Ponnampatti Panchayat 2001-2006. She also served as the Chairman of the Social Welfare Boards, Govt. of Tamilnadu, during which time she was instrumental in establishing several welfare schemes, including some landmark ones directed to the Transgender (Aravani/hijra) community in Tamilnadu. For her contributions, she was also one of the selection committee member of Dr.Durgabai Deshmukh Award for 2009-2011, the President was Hon’ble wife of the then vice President of India.